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Weber® Universal Tools

Weber Competition


Slider Press


Grilling sliders gives you the opportunity to create several unique little masterpieces in one meal. From classic cheeseburger sliders to spicy fajita burgers, the opportunities are limited only by your taste and your imagination. The Weber Slider Press...

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Weber's American BBQ Book


"To define American barbecue as ""ribs and roasts cooked low and slow in the Southern style"" doesn’t do it justice. Traditional barbecue, in all its delicious glory, is a foundation—an idea to be built upon. And all across the country, home...

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Marinade Set


With a homemade BBQ sauce, you can easily take your steak, roast or veggies from subpar to sublime. Mix the sauce in the jar and baste the food with the silicone brush. The unique twist and lock system in the lid makes it easy for you to carry and store...

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