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Polylepis Australis Tree (*in-store only)


Polylepis Australis, know as “ The Filo Pastry tree.” Native of central Argentina. Flowers are fairly nondescript, but it’s true shinning glory is it’s bark. It has rolls of loose, paper like brownish bark hence it’s common name “ The Filo Pastry Tree”...

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Euonymus Alatus Tree (*in-store only)


Euonymus Alatus Common name , it has 3, winged spindle, winged euonymus and burning bush. From the celastraceae family. Native to China, Japan and North Korea. It’s a small tree large shrub. It’s a large spreading deciduous shrub with oval leaves...

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Quercus Rubra Tree (*in-store only)


Quercus Rubra Common name is the North American red oak, or the red oak. The Red oak is a fast growing tree native to North America , it is often planted as a statement tree for its flaming autumn leaves. It’s leaves turn bright red before falling in...

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Tree Ferns (*in-store only)


Tree Fern Dicksonia Antarctica One of the most ancient of plants dating back to Jurassic period. Slow growing approx 30cm a year. Grows best in a sheltered site. It likes moist but well drained acid to neutral soil. Protect the top trunk during periods...

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