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Mobacter Moss Remover

We recomend this product for indirect action against moss. It does not create black patches on your lawn so there is no need to rake out the dead moss! Active bacteria in Mobacter transform dead moss int feed, which feeds your lawn for up to 100 days.

Grow It Bio Lawn Feed

To promote healthy growth, use an organic fertilizer. This will also help recovery after mowing. The nutrients in Grow It Bio lawn feed attract earthworms that improve soil structure and promote microbiological life in soil. 

Nature Safe Lawn Aid

Containing wild Atlantic Seaweed and Chitin blend, Nature Safe Lawn aid is enriched with minerals and amino acids that not only helps deter pests but also enhances nutrient uptake and encourages thicker, greener lawns.


Miracle-Gro EverGreen Fast Green

A dual action lawn food that will help you to build a thick lawn with stronger roots. It will also help you to achieve a deeper greening, and its children and pet friendly!

Miracle-Gro Evergreen Complete 4 in 1

Another dual action product, this feeds your lawn but also kills lawn weeds and controls moss. The moss will blacken as it dies and can then be easily raked out, and lawn weeds will be killed within 3 to 5 weeks.

Extra Strength Feed Weed & Mosskiller

Feeds Lawns and kills weeds and moss. Use for a healthier, greener and moss free lawn.

Weedol Lawn Weedkiller

Great for killing weeds such as dandelions, daisies and clover. One treatment controls most common broad-leaved lawn weeds and does not harm your lawn.


Kent & Stowe Edging Iron

Great for giving your lawn a neat, distinct edge that will noticeably improve its appearance.

Kent & Stowe Long Handled Soil Rake

Raking is important to prevent unhealthy build of thatch and dead grass.

Kent & Stowe Edging Shears

It’s good to have a decent pair of lawn edging shears as they help you make the edges of lawns next to borders, patios, etc look neat. The long handles allow you to trim the edges of your lawn without the need of you having to bend over or work kneeling down.

Enjoy exclusive benefits with your EDEN CARD for everything you love at The Orchard

Enjoy exclusive benefits with your
EDEN CARD for everything you love
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