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The Orchard's Gardening Tips This Spring

Spring is a busy time for gardeners, follow these top tips

Create Instant Spring Colour

Plant primulas, polyanthus, pansies, pots of dwarf irises, miniature daffs, muscari – they are all hardy enough to be outdoors now.

Get Your Lawn Ready

Get the mower out of the shed and give the grass the first cut of the season.

Pruning Roses & Winter Flowering Shrubs

As soon as winter flowering shrubs are finished flowering they can be pruned back. Roses are traditionally pruned from early March.

Top Dressing Containers

Weeding, mulching and top dressing of containers can be done to freshen up.

Start a Compost Pile

Begin by collecting plant debris and leaves raked up from the garden, leave in a designated area of the garden to break down.


One of the easiest things to do to freshen up your garden is to lay a several inch layer of your favorite mulch, say wood chips or finished compost. This gives everything a clean and tidies up look and helps to suppress weeds and retain moisture

Get on Top of your Perennial

Spring is a good time to freshen up the soil and apply a little mulch to feed the soil and plants.

Clean up the Garden

Remove all debris, get rid of weeds and ensure your garden equipment is sharped