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Tips for Creating Instant Spring Colour

  • Plant primulas, polyanthus, pansies, pots of dwarf irises, miniature daffs, muscari– they are all hardy enough to be outdoors now.

Seed Potatoes, Onion Setts & Garlic

  • Time for growing your own potatoes and veg
  • Varieties available for planting in containers or potato bags if space is limited or on patios/balconies

Seed Sowing

  • Fabulous range of flowers and veg seed available
  • We make it simple with a comprehensive range of trays, compost, propagators etc to allow everybody to grow successful plants from seed

Summer Bulbs

  • Summer bulbs take up a limited amount of space in the border but can make a huge blast of colour/ scent
  • Time for planting Dahlias, Lilies, Begonias for flowering this summer

Pruning Roses & Winter flowering Shrubs

  • As soon as winter flowering shrubs are finished flowering they can be pruned back. Roses are traditionally pruned from early March.

Top dressing Containers

  • Weeding, mulching and top dressing of containers can be done to freshen up