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An exciting time to plan ahead

March is a busy month in the garden. Weather permitting you can start to sow the following outside: carrots, parsnips, leeks, beetroot, lettuce, cabbage and cauliflower. Watch the weather for frost warnings and cover outdoor seedings to protect them from frost. Start hoeing your soil regularly to keep weeds at bay. Prune and feed your roses, this will help them grow stronger and produce more plentiful blooms in summer.


Potatoes are still very much one of Ireland’s most popular vegetables and the good news is that they are pretty easy to grow.  Whether you prefer a waxy or floury spud there is a variety for you.  Plant your seed potatoes in a deep, fertile soil in March and enjoy delicious homegrown potatoes 10-12 weeks later.  Alternatively, if space is limited potatoes also preform well in potato grow bags.                            Onion setts and garlic are also versatile bulbs to sow in the Spring. As with our seed potato varieties our onion setts and garlic varieties are chosen for their excellent flavour and high yields, ensuring a plentiful supply for the kitchen.


From organically sourced to exciting new varieties, from traditional favourites to many unusual varieties we make seed sowing simple with our comprehensive range of premium quality flower and vegetable seeds. Seed sowing is easy and hugely satisfying for children and adults alike. Popular, reliable varieties worth trying if you have never grown seed before are Spring Onion ‘White Lisbon’, Lettuce ‘All Year Round’ and Night Scented Stock to highlight but a few. Seed trays, fibre pots, coir pellets, labels, compost, perlite we can advise on which to choose from to improve germination and encourage healthy, sustainable growth.


Summer flowering bulbs, corms, tubers and roots will fill your summer garden with colour for many years to come. Watch your garden burst with life as the warm weather arrives, heralding stunning flowers in all colours - as well as the wildlife and pollinators that they attract!  Summer bulbs take up a limited amount of space in the border but can make a huge blast of colour/ stunning scent.  You can start planting summer flowering bulbs, corms and tubers into your containers or borders in spring when the weather is starting to warm up.
Popular varieties include fragrant Tree Lilies growing to a height of 2.5mtrs year after year, beautiful double flowered Paeonies, extra long flowering Alstromerias and exotically lush Cannas