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Our advice for customers when choosing their Christmas Trees & Decorations

At The Orchard Christmas World we have a large variety of artificial and fresh cut Christmas Trees chosen to suite each and every home.  Choosing the perfect tree is really down to your own personal choice. Today it’s very difficult to tell the difference between an artificial tree and a fresh cut tree.

Artificial Christmas Trees

The Orchard’s top choice of artificial tree is the The Newberry 7.5ft which is a classic full bodied tree and remarkably realistic.

Fresh Trees

At the Orchard we source our Fresh Trees from Christmas Tree Nursery’s in Wicklow & Carlow.  Each tree takes 10 years to grow to 8ft.  Our Trees are only cut in late November and will last well into the New Year.

  • Keep your tree cool. As tempting as it may be to place the tree next to a fireplace, know that heat sources -- including a heating vent -- will cause your tree to dry out faster.
  • Maintain your tree's moisture. To keep your Christmas tree looking perfect, keep the water in your tree stand filled all the time. You may need to add water two or even three times the first few days.

Top tips on creating the perfect festive tree for your home.

  • Choosing your tree - decide if you are going to choose an Artificial or a Fresh Tree. Identify where in your home you will place the tree then measure your space. Make sure to measure your ceiling height and the diameter you have so that the tree is not squashed or in the way. Have those measurements to hand when you visit the store where we are always available to help you choose your tree or make necessary trimmings to make sure it’s the perfect fit.
  • Choosing Decorations – Use the same colour scheme for all of the decorative elements. Mixing different shapes and sizes within the one colour range brings extra dimension to your tree. Layer and build your decorations onto your tree, don’t just hang them on the outer tips of the branches, this will ensure that your tree looks nice and full.
  • Lights – Lights are a key product to any Christmas tree and will complete the overall look and feel of the tree. Always begin by choosing the core lights for your tree and start by wrapping the branches in strings of lights working from the bottom to the top. Once the decorations are applied the final element is the Novelty light. Our novelty lights are the last bit of fun added to the tree such as this jumbo candle light shown here on our traditional tree.

Top Tip – Always consult with our expert team to ensure you have the correct amounts of lights in the correct colour for your tree.